Being a collector myself, over the years my wife and I have built up a large collection of items including anime and movie figurines, Lego and many other items.  I wanted to preserve these items but also have them on display for us to be able to enjoy every day, without compromising their condition. After many hours of searching for customised displays, it was evident that unless I wanted to pay a lot of money, then I would have to settle for second best.

Like many people, I went down the road of flat-pack display cabinets, which are OK, but not what I wanted at all. They are acceptable for some items, but never seemed to look as good as a made to measure display.

Eventually I decided that as no one was making anything of this nature at an affordable price, and I had been working with glass for some years, then I’d do it myself.

A few years later and after a lot of outside interest, I decided to make display cases for other people. This has now turned into a full-time job, so I can now devote all of my time to my customers.  My goal is to provide my customers with bespoke items in order to precisely suit their requirements.

The whole building process is done entirely by myself from beginning to end. All contact made to the company comes directly to me, and all replies are directly from me.