Most items are shipped by courier.  I have been using Yodel for the past year or two, with a 100% no damage rate.  Smaller items are shipped either by Royal Mail or MyHermes.  All are fully tracked.

Items of a larger size can’t be shipped by standard couriers due to the size and nature of a glass item. Even specialist couriers (who charge hundreds, not including packaging) don’t insure for glass items if they are damaged.  Taking this into consideration, it’s safer, and cheaper, for the items to be collected. Alternatively, I may be able to deliver personally.  I charge to cover fuel and time, but it will be cheaper than a courier and I can guarantee safe delivery.  This charge would depend on your exact location. Please note that this option covers the journey, so if you wanted multiple items, and they could all fit in one journey, then this charge would cover them all, which is a great way to save on delivery costs.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to ship my items outside of UK at all.  Some areas of Scotland, Ireland and the British islands may cost more than UK Mainland.

The courier and packaging costs involved, are extremely high.  As soon as anything of a decent size and weight leaves the coast, the delivery cost goes up.  Added to this, is the fact that no couriers will insure for damages against glass items.  This is something that I am always trying to rectify, but as it stands, the costs involved, plus the risk of damage on larger items, heavily outweigh the costs of the displays.